Product Manufacturing Process

What are the major ingredients of good-quality potato chips? That’s right – potatoes and their processing! For the manufacture of chips, high-quality potatoes of special varieties suitable for making chips are used. The production line from the world leaders, manufacturers of automated food production lines, such as Heat & Control (USA), Ishida (Japan, UK), Tomra (Belgium) is fully automated from loading raw materials to collecting the packaged product in corrugated boxes. We can manufacture potato chips of different thicknesses and shapes. The range of flavorings from the world’s leading suppliers is just limitless. Look and taste for yourself!

Today we can proudly state that we are the world leaders in manufacturing potato chips in plates, which are made using equipment that has no equivalents in the world. Equipment made by such world manufacturers as Schubert (Germany), Omron (Japan), Fuji (Japan), Langen (The Netherlands), T.Freemantle (UK), Carrera (Italy) helps us achieve the best quality of chips. Our technological facilities ensure a consistently high quality of potato chips. We are the setters of all modern trends for this product.